Spring Gifts and Joy – Lady by the River

Sometimes we have no idea how much we need to share a story… until we do. As I was driving across the country some time ago, the story was practically writing itself in my mind. Timing was everything, I realized once more, admiring the foliage on my way back home.

When fellow blogger Yvette Prior told me about her project and invited me to share a story, I was conflicted for a moment… or two. I am no role model, after all. Who am I to tell people what to do or where to find their strength in order to persevere? Then something clicked. Difficult as that was, I had a chance to share something personal with the world, hoping that my experience might resonate and someone else might feel less alone, less desperate during a similar difficult time of their own. Yes, that was something I could do… and an idea started to take shape in my mind. But it only became clear how I should tell my story on the way back home that autumn.

When Yvette extended her invitation, the time was right for me to share that particular story. This April is the right time for Yvette to share more details about Lady by the River. She does this in a series of 10 posts containing excerpts from all the stories and a variety of other interesting facts. Since she covered these matters so well, I will only mention a few relevant aspects and then let you discover and hopefully enjoy the book.

Each of the nine different authors (including Yvette Prior) from different parts of the world, of different ages, with different lives and beliefs shares a personal story of perseverance. We all tapped into some painful memories and emotions trying to express how we found our strength, hoping that others might find our experience helpful in some way. Yvette put her own counselling experience to good use, and the reader is also provided with additional material. In her own words, Lady by the River is a book that inspires. In my opinion, it’s a book that can help different individuals in different ways.

But here’s the best part – if you’re interested in this book or you believe someone you know might find it useful, you can download the Lady by the River for free on Amazon on April 12th, 13th and 14th. Just clock on the link and enjoy the giveaway!

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  1. Now how can this be – but i felt inspired just reading your post.
    ha – this reaching out does come back to fill us up, eh?
    And you know I enjoyed working with you – and your editing help in round one was a gift.
    The top three things I soaked up here
    1) How you noted the “different parts of the world, of different ages, with different lives and beliefs” – I keep forgetting that this is another powerful part of this book. I seriously was not thinking diversity when i invited authors (I need to post about this) but i was thinking of writers, people I knew had seasoning, and folks that were not jerks (we call that theBreaking Bad rule – don’t work with assholes)
    2) Thanks for noting the way I added the extra counseling resources – because you saw me hatch that section – and the way it unfolded for round two – and so when i read it here – I exhaled with this feeling of completeness.
    3) Is “a book that can help different individuals in different ways.”
    well said, well said
    Have a nice day and be in touch in a few

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    1. Haha, I’m a big fan of that Breaking Bad rule 🙂 It was a good experience and I enjoyed seeing how it unfolded, I enjoyed being a part of it. Even if you didn’t have that sort of diversity in mind, I think it’s a plus and it adds extra flabour.

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      1. is “flabour” one of those new artsy words – hahah
        but it could be.
        I started a post with a list of what i was grateful for and what I learned – but that did not feel right at this time – the promo was fine without it. But when i do get to it I will mention the breaking Bad rule.

        and one of the things I am still grateful for was when I had one of the first deadlines (for the first edition – think it was end of November) and you stopped what you were doing to help edit and get back with me.
        very grateful.
        I also know that some things are iterative – and the 2nd edition could not have happened first – wish it could have – but oh well
        – and I just put up the last post.
        I did a “real” happy dance two days ago –
        but now i feel like i ate a good meal and i cannot even look at any more food (meaning this last promo post was JUST ENOUGH and ready to not mention the book for a while – ha)
        thanks again for everything

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        1. I was going for flavour there 😀 But hey, if flabour sounds good, let’s keep it 😉
          I’m glad I could help with that deadline, the timing was great, because I wasn’t too busy, so it worked out well. And that list might be a good idea for a future promotion. After all the work you put in with this one, that happy dance was a must 🙂 Congratulations, Y! Now you can take a break and savour it. 🙂 ❤

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          1. flavor has that “fabulous: vibe added in… so I agree – we need that new fresh word
            I decided NOT to look at any “rankings” – I will share more later – but that was adding a taste I did not like. And that is what was started in that “lists” post – so later i will share more – hope you have a great rest of your weekend

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