Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 94

“Sad? How is it sad when that’s the only promise of improvement? It’s not sad to stand as proud and unflinching when you’re raw and exposed as you do when you’re on the peak of glamour, gathering shallow praises from those around, from all of those who can only perceive obvious or staged beauty. There, look at that tree, the little one between the two dark ones, it’s already on the right track, with its daring pink flower buds starting to bloom before the leaves have any chance to show up.”

Adam held her tighter as their eyes focused on the little blooming tree – it was so much more than grey versus colour. They were so overwhelmingly more than what either one of them was prepared to handle. Could it be that it was as easy as that, desperation and failure can only lead way to improvement, or was it just an attempt to reach a calmer, positive state of mind? The warm breath of his sigh fell like a spell breaking burn on her cold cheek.

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