Spring Blossoms #36

9 Replies to “Spring Blossoms #36”

    1. Thanks, Y 🙂 This is the last one from the “spring blossoms” series. I still have some nice flower shots left, but I’m sure I’ll find context for them too. I wish I thought of sending you this bee photo for your post, I think it’s better than the previous one. By the way, kudos on your Emily Dickinson series.

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      1. well maybe I can still add it in –
        and while this one is a delicious photo – with the pair – and okay – it is really beautiful – but cannot say it was better than (ha!) – just different and I am still liking that other one because it was the single bee and the detail of the flowers –
        it seemed like solo Emily in the midst of the nature she wrote about – so it really was perfecto

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          1. Oh yes – I get it- 😉
            And thanks again!
            It was perfect timing for me because I thought I had more photos of a bee or two –
            And had such limited options!
            That was before my May photo shoot of the carpenter bees – so now I have some photos for future use –

            And side note – mentioned you earlier tonight – the LBTR book came up – and a friend (acquaintance since 2008) asked me “why I never told her about the book sooner if it came out in 2017?”
            Then Ana –
            She said “because I needs this book”
            This was the kind of person I had in mind all
            Along for the book –
            Anyhow – when I explained to her the various delays – sometimes life got in the way and other times it was for needed changes – etc
            I mentioned some of the history and how Robert came along for the last edit – but how you also helped with so much proofing! Thanks again for that – you were wonderful to work with because you never had a snarky critical spirit –

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            1. No need to keep thanking me, Y. I offered and I loved helping.
              Anyway, I am thrilled you got such a response from that lady – I mean, not that she was going through a rough time, but that she thought our book could help her. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 ❤

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              1. Okay – done with the thanks – lol- and she let me audio record a few of her comments – I sometimes ask folks now – and might use stuff for a podcast some year

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