Worn Out #22

15 Replies to “Worn Out #22”

  1. you know how I said your “worn out” photos had variety?
    well here is an example – this one has contrast – it is subtle – but we have the wind turbines to the back
    and then the worn structure front

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    1. You noticed them 🙂 I have a few different shots of that structure, and I particularly like this one for the contrast. But it’s not the only one I’ll be sharing, you know I’m a fan of various perspectives 😉 🙂

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              1. And I think what was so surpising to me was how I viewed the turbines as this all-natural
                Great “wind-harvesting” resource – never realizing it could cause problems for folks that lived within a certain area

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              2. Nothing’s perfect… I did hear about some issues with birds and turbines, but I admit, I wasn’t really paying attention, my mind was on other things. The ones we have in the region are on fields, no homes too close too them, so I can only hope they’re not too disruptive.

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