“Worn Out” Series

I had this blogging project in mind, the Worn Out series. As it unfolded, I was happy to notice that many of you were enjoying it and I am very grateful for your support and encouraging comments. Now the time has come to take a break from this photo series, I don’t want to overdo it. However, I plan on adding to it whenever I find fitting images, old places that speak to me, the way the ones I’ve shown have.

Many of the photos I’ve shared are from a mountain village I’ve visited in June… for a second time. I was in the area and I wanted to see this surreal, dreamy place I had discovered almost by mistake a couple of years earlier. It was beautifully heart-warming to see that fairytale-like village – many of the quaint houses were still there, unchanged, frozen in time, one of them even had the same ‘for sale’ sign. It was saddening to notice I had been right – that was probably the last chance to see it the way it used to be and savour its charm. New buildings were popping up, too big and garish, not at all in tune with the simple, discrete local style. Holiday homes and inns were taking over.

I’m sure the area could benefit if tourists had a chance to discover it, but for some reason, we tend to even everything out as soon as we see touristic potential. Some time ago I’ve seen a piece on the news about that village and the beauty of the region, that’s how I knew it would soon be ruined. Call me a cynic, but the truth is I was basing my assumption on previous experience, I’ve seen it happen to so many other places, and it saddens and angers me at the same time. If I happen to be in the area once more, I might go see it again, but I’m fairly sure I’d be disappointed. So I am grateful I had one more chance to enjoy what once might have seemed timeless charm, before it faded into future touristic progress. I’ll leave you to some “then and now” shots from my two visits (2017 and 2019) and a brief recap of the series, in case you are interested. Enjoy!

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