Autumnal Light #9

Humans are clearly not the only ones to experience confusion. I won’t deny, though, nature’s confusion had me confused as well. I get melancholic every September, and conker trees have something to do with it. But it’s a nice worm sort of melancholy, so I go with it. I like to see alleys covered in conkers and their shells, I like to pick one up and put it in my pocket, and I like to drag my feet through crunchy conker leaves. But this particular conker tree certainly brought me back to the present this September, abruptly breaking my train of thoughts and memories. Is it global warming, is it some other sort of detrimental influence we, humans, have had on nature, is it just some strange isolated occurrence? I have no idea, but there it was, the tree was blooming… in autumn… while also bearing fruit, resulting from this spring’s blossoms. Just the one tree, a rule breaker… or a surviver…

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