Candid Little Thieves

They descended upon us sometime last week, but I choose to trust their candour and believe they hadn’t planned their adorably mischievous behaviour. After all, they weren’t hiding and they certainly weren’t quiet about it. They must have honestly thought this was some sort of yummy healthy all-you-can-eat buffet, judging by their table manners. Anyway, they are some of the cutest little thieves I’ve ever seen.

Migrating starlings stop or gather in the area, I’ve noticed them on other occasions as well, but it’s the first time some of them stopped for a snack right outside my window. I’ve tried to photograph these loud little fiends before, but they were always too fast for me.

This time, however, I was lucky, and they made my day. I got my camera ready as fast as I could, congratulating myself for leaving it with a charged battery and empty memory card. The starlings wouldn’t stop for long; they always seem to leave as quickly and unexpectedly as they arrive.

I have a feeling my downstairs neighbour wasn’t as pleased with their unexpected visit as I was. She’s the one who planted the grape vine which served as the starlings’ buffet this autumn and I couldn’t help thinking, karma can be a bitch sometimes. Even if it’s a common garden, she won’t let anyone touch “her” grapes; in fact, that’s why she terrorized some children last year. Well, the starlings were the only ones to have a taste this autumn…

A grape for everyone!? Probably not, too many hungry birds… What I do know is that no grape was left when they were done with the vine. Some of them obviously didn’t like to share and they didn’t hide it, indulging in more than one yummy treat, making me wonder how such small birds managed that.

Meanwhile, I was performing a funny balancing act on my window, hoping to get some acceptable candid shots of the pillagers. Some of them might have noticed me, but clearly they couldn’t care less. Ann-Christine’s topic for this week (Lens-Artists Challenge – Candid) reminds me once again that when it comes to candid shots, I prefer non-human subjects. So it might be a while before I start working on improving my portrait photography…

I have lots of photos of myself, many of them candid shots my friends have taken, and I love the way such photos capture the moment; but I’d rather not be the unknowing subject in strangers’ photos, so I try not to do this to others either. But who knows what the future might bring when it comes to broadening my horizons…

Not surprisingly, the starlings’ departure time coincided with the moment the last grape was swallowed. Who would have thought of something as simple as hungry starlings therapy? Their brief visit and the impromptu photo shoot helped me forget about the horrible day I was having, leaving me refreshed and relaxed after emptying my mind of those unpleasant thoughts.

I sat comfortably on my window sill, contemplating the place which looked like a scene from Hitchcock’s film only moments earlier. A window closed somewhere above my head – apparently I wasn’t the only one spying on our visitors. But what if I was too absorbed to notice that someone else might have been observing me as well? Hmmm…

15 Replies to “Candid Little Thieves”

  1. A lovely series of rogues, Ana! And your thoughts and reveries in between as well. How lucky you were having them so close! And at their most beautiful time of feathery dress too. Yes, I do prefer animals just like you do…but you know, sometimes I get the opportunity to thank people for the opportunity I took – and mostly they just smile. Sometimes they ask me to remove the photo – then I do. I don’t want people to feel bad about it.

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