Mother (Fragment 1)

He puts his hand between her legs… she needs to prove it…. Her tensed muscles try to stop him, but he’s much stronger. He pulls her near, his left hand on the nape of her neck, in her hair, pulling and squeezing. His mouth finds hers and for what feels like an endless moment she lets him do whatever he pleases… because she doesn’t know anything anymore… or maybe it’s because she’s a girl and that’s what girls like her are supposed to do. The clothes you wear made me a promise, now it’s time you made good on it, he whispers in her ear, pressing hard against her, immobilizing her, making her know his body as he endeavours to know hers. She wants to scream and she does so in her dream, but the back of his hand still hits her mouth, silencing her; she wakes up finding she can’t make a noise, just like that night… all she can do is let her tears fill the silence.

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