One of Those Places

I stopped the car by the lake and braved the cold wind in order to take a few more shots of the setting sun. We all have these places we frequent, special spots where the view, the context or the history speak louder to us than in many other similar corners. We unconsciously find our way there when we need them, perhaps we get out of our cars and take a few more shots, very similar to the selection those particular places have already offered us on so many other occasions.

However we also seem to find such places away from home, places where we instantly feel we belong or places with which we connect in strong, inexplicable, soothing ways. Even if we never manage to return, that special feeling stays with us, in our hearts and in our memories. Ann-Christine’s invitation to share about such a special spot (Lens Artists’ Weekly Challenge – Special Spot Shots) made me think of the ruins from Cape Kaliakra, in Bulgaria.

I’ve visited this spot on several occasions, at different points of my life. Somehow there was always some kind of metaphorical storm going on, and although I cannot say those visits provided me with answers or unexpected clarity, they were highly appreciated breaks, moments of calm and detachment. Give me a place by the sea and I will inevitably find something about it to enjoy, that is true; but aside from being interesting, this one also holds some memories dear to me.

The photos I’m sharing now are from spring 2019 – I was determined to enjoy the view, find beautiful blossoms, photograph them, and think of little else. Truth be told, the breeze is quite strong up there even when the sea is perfectly still, which also helps chase away those nasty gloomy thoughts. By the time I was ready to leave, my nose was red, my hands and nose frozen, my boots covered in a respectable layer of dust, but I was in a good mood.

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(In case you want to find out more about Cape Kaliakra and its rich history, Wikipedia seems to have a decent article on the topic.)


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  1. Beautiful images of a beautiful spot, cape Kaliakra, Ana. Your explanation of special spots hit right where it should…”Moments of calm and detachment” – that is the essence.

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