Back In The Game

… the writing game, that is.

I know, I know, ‘tis the season, but I’m not the New Year’s resolutions kind of person, so this endeavour doesn’t fall under that category. As it happens, this January is simply a good time to start focusing on my writing again.

I’ve made plans for it in 2019. I’ve written an outline. I even have a title and a book cover in mind. I’ve already started to work on the project and paused over the holidays. But come January, I would start writing again, I told myself. I set a deadline for myself and I estimated how much and how often I could write, barring unexpected circumstances. Well, we all know we can always count on the unexpected to take place; and I don’t want to force myself into writing more than I feel I can handle or to dedicate all my spare time to it; but it’s good to have a plan, that works for me.

Surely those first days of the year don’t count, no one did any serious work during that time… did they? Those were still days for enjoying/recuperating after the winter holidays. Then the first Monday of the year hit us – or perhaps it was just me – like a brick and one needed to prioritize. Diving into all sorts of things at once isn’t always constructive and there’s a limit to one’s focus and multitasking abilities.

Let’s not forget one’s surroundings – I do like a neat work space, no point in any unnecessary distractions. Let me tell you, my home is rarely as clean and tidy as it igets to be when I’m trying to start writing something new… and procrastination gets the best of me. Right… all’s good and ready to begin… but only after a fresh cup of coffee… and perhaps a snack… and a quick peek on one’s blog, others’ creativity can be a source of motivation and inspiration… and a phone call to a friend, they were going to call anyway, and it’s so annoying to be interrupted right in the middle of the greatest sentence you’ve ever written… and perhaps one more chapter from that great book I started, reading is also inspiring and enriching.

The more I think about starting to write, the more I think I should write about all those great ways to postpone starting to write. Writing a blog post is still writing after all… It’s not the blank page that’s daunting, but that first sentence. Words refuse to gather meaning, they seem limp and dry… and generally disappointing and unattractive. I wonder if there’s any other part of the text which gets re-written as much and as often as that damn first sentence. It feels so much easier for a great story to follow the first sentence, rather than begin with it.

Knowing all this, I was aware I would need a bit to get into the desired rhythm, considering I had to start a new story. I managed to make words behave again and get into that rhythm I was hoping for, even if that first sentence will definitely get re-written several times. But aside from procrastinating by writing about procrastination, I’m also trying to explain why I might be less active on my blog in the coming months. You know how it goes, we need to prioritize – on some occasions real life barely leaves us with enough time for one hobby, much less for several. Who knows what 2020 will bring… personally, I have no clue. So if I fail to keep up with all of you… it’s not you, it’s me!

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  1. It takes a lot of effort and time… “the more I think I should write about all those great ways to postpone starting to write.” very well said about how we procrastinate things we want or need to do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Ana. 🙂

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