Roadblocks and Leading Lines

This particular January turned out to supply a few more “roadblocks” than expected – literally and metaphorically. From what I’ve seen and heard, I’m certainly not the only one in this situation. No one enjoys being stuck, so we keep looking for detours and escapeways. Whether these paths turn out to be scenic routes or accidents waiting to happen is merely a matter of luck and perspective.

So I close my eyes and think of sunny, deserted paths, of times when following the winding line of an empty road happens to lead right where you need to be, in spite of the unknown hidden around the corner.

Thank you, Tina (Lens Artists Weekly Challenge – Leading Lines) for reminding us to take a moment and figure out which are those lines that will create the full picture we need to perceive. When do we break the rules in order to achieve a more powerful result and when do we follow them, relying on the security of predictability? Decisions, decisions… all so very subjective and personal.

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