Birds #1

I’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… but snow – fluffy, thick, magical snow – refused to make an appearance this winter. I was hoping I could get some of those winter wonderland shots and create a seasonal series, but Mother Nature is throwing tantrums left and right… not that we can blame her, considering our behaviour. It did snow once in my neck of the woods, last week, and my hope was revived for a minute or two, but let’s just say that the white dreamy scenery was not in the cards.

So there go my plans for the magical winter series… Instead I’d like to share some bird shots I’ve collected last year. It seems I’ve taken quite a few of them, so I put together this series I was going to share later this spring. But since I’m still prioritizing working on a new book over blogging and winter refuses to be a cooperative subject, I’m starting the series now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them, even though they may not be the most artistic of photos.

I happen to adore birds, I think they’re terribly cute, even those that aren’t generally considered too attractive, like crows and seagulls. In fact, I’m often astonished at how intelligent crows are – there’s a family nesting in a tree outside my window and observing them can be fun. For instance, they found this box the cable company installed and locked, but somehow they managed to sneak food in there and they’re using it as their private pantry. Or in the summer they’ll come at the air conditioner’s drain and if the device isn’t on, but they see me at the window, I’ll get this “give us a drink” look. But enough about my winged neighbours for now. Enjoy the Birds series while I get back to my writing!

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  1. Imagining the crows asking for a drink – hinting for one – is awesome 😎
    And We might have snow coming tomorrow – fingers crossed
    And I like your series a lot
    I might start a series to keep my blog breathing while I work
    On my WIP as well…
    Hmmmm maybe I can schedule some – but you have given me ideas

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    1. Oh the crows are amazing 🙂
      I hope you got some snow and enjoyed it.
      Glad to have inspired your potential series 😉 I took the scheduling route too. I found some time to put this together sooner than I was initially planning. Since I didn’t feel like completely abandoning the blog, I think this is a good compromise. I manage to still keep up with the blogs I follow – more or less – but these days I just don’t have enough time to write for my blog as well.
      Anyway, looking forward to finding out more about your WIP. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I too, have been waiting for wonderful snow shots this winter but haven’t gotten any here in NYC. We had like one snowfall 😦 Also, I love birds too, thanks for sharing!

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