Calm Waters…

One final outing before lockdown… Much like the previous two weekends, this Saturday I got in my car and drove out of town to get a safe, healthy dose of nature and tranquillity. This time I chose a river bank, so you can imagine I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed Amy’s choice for this week (Lens Artists Weekly Challenge – A River Runs Through It).

I chose to drive as far as it took to find a deserted spot, so I could take a nice walk and a few photos without running into anyone. Disturbingly enough, that wasn’t as easy to find as I expected, many large groups of people were picnicking and barbequing… I am aware that we, human beings, are social animals, but come on, people! We’re also supposed to be rational beings…

Well, the lockdown hadn’t been announced when I left, but it was clearly about to happen. Now that it’s a fait acompli, I should probably admit, I’m already missing the sea… or really the proximity of any large body of water. But we do what needs to be done, we’ve been through worse… and this is about to become worse, if we don’t learn to behave.

So instead of some more spectacular photos of more impressive rivers and sceneries, I’m going with this selection from the last beautiful spring day before “recommendations” became “restrictions”. It’s for our own good, I might add, since too many of us seem determined to behave like spoiled brainless selfish brats.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! We may not literally be able to go to our happy places these days, but at least we can still access them mentally or virtually. And the less we try to cheat ourselves and others out of health, the sooner we can start rebuilding.


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  1. Well said Ana. It’s amazing and frightening to me the number of people who are ignoring the basic fact that crowds spread the virus both among them and to others. New Orleans is a great example. Mardi Gras???? Really???? Who had the brilliant idea to continue with THAT? And who are the idiots who decided it was a good idea to be there. Sigh. Your images are lovely and peaceful – return to them for a great of virtual fresh air 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful drive. I love this river series, Ana!
    … the less we try to cheat ourselves and others out of health, the sooner we can start rebuilding, wise words. Well said.

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