It’s Still Spring… Even at Home #2

From freezing days to balmy ones, from winter coats to T-shirts, from grey barren trees and gardens to blossoming trees, blooming flowers, green leaves and fields, spring has come and is now w about to start fading into early summer… And most of us feel like we’ve missed it, been robbed and in the transition process from one “normal” to another, we’ve lost not only a season, but a lifestyle, a familiar world.

In order not to lose ourselves as well, we try to hold on to bits of familiarity… It feels like the stages of this spring have been marked by what we lost. In the most fortunate cases, it’s only been freedoms we took for granted and time… For me, at least, nature marked the time slipping by unnoticed. Trees starting to bud and bloom… that was the time in March I stopped being allowed to go out and enjoying nature. From my window sill, as well as from my car during that weekly drive to the supermarket, I’ve been greedily observing all the changes which seemed to exclude me. I tell you, I never imagined there would come a day when taking out the trash could be something exciting to look forward to, exactly because of that magic little word, “out”.

At some point or another, I’m fairly sure we all found ourselves outside, looking in, and wishing… Well, the tables have turned, and now all we seem to want is “out”, even if we know it might not necessarily be in our best interest.

Nevertheless, with or without us, spring is happening… and like many others, I’m sure, I’m stubbornly keeping an eye on it. So I’d like to share some spring photos with you – images I managed to capture before lockdown, images from my window, and even a few images from those oh so exciting walks to the car or bin.

After posting some magpie shots last week, I discovered a fellow blogger’s Corvid challenge. Since the Corvids are keeping me amused these days and since it’s Tuesday, the day of the challenge on Tracy’s blog (Reflections of an Untidy Mind), I’m going to participate this week. As expected, my new neighbours, the Magpies, pushed too far and got into trouble with the old residence, the Crows. After the squabble, one of the magpies suddenly became very docile for a short while, desperately needing to focus on self-care during that spa session…

Yes, like I said last week, it’s come this, I’m spying on the birds for entertainment and serenity. But hey, considering the times we’re living, it could be much worse… Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short “Spring at Home” series. Stay safe, everyone!

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