It’s Still Spring… Even at Home #16

Nothing says spring like fresh blossoms and tiny adorable bird chicks. While trying to be safe, keep those around me safe, but also enjoy what’s left of this completely unusual spring, I spent time outdoors this weekend too, delighting in some almost unpopulated corners of nature and rural areas.

My reward was cuteness overload. This spring I ended up focusing on birds a lot more than usual, and this weekend was no exception. Since I recently regaled you with my neighbours’ – the Magpies – antics, I’ll also share some magpie sweetness. I wasn’t looking to photograph any magpies this weekend (I can do plenty of that from my window) even if I knew lots of them were nesting in the area, but when I saw these little ones, I just couldn’t resist.

I was already on my way home, but I decided to put up with the wind and the threat of rain a bit longer, so I could hopefully get a few shots on the young ones. They kept going in and out their nest, jumping from branch to branch and the tree was swinging wildly in the wind, so it wasn’t easy to tell how many of them there were. First I thought, two… then I discovered a third one… then a fourth at home, when going through the photos.

Junior here was practicing flying. Oh, it’ll be so amusing when my neighbours’ young ones start venturing out. All hell will break loose, I’m sure.

I hope you enjoyed this dose of Corvid cuteness – yes, contrary to some people’s opinions, they can be adorable. Stop by Tracy’s blog to for more beautiful photos and poems, and check out her Corvid 2020 Challenge (Week 10).

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