Two More Weeks of Magpies

Sometimes, there’s nothing like knowing that something’s coming to an end to make us want to participate. No sooner did Tracy (from Reflections of an Untidy Mind) announce that this is the penultimate week of her Corvid-2020 challenge, that I realized I still have some cute magpie photos to share, some thoughts to go with those images, and I started thinking how to manage to squeeze in a post I wasn’t planning on writing.

I was going to write about lessons learned – big and small – from my winged neighbours and how taking time to evade my life and invade theirs this spring helped me occasionally gain perspective or at least achieve a calmer state of mind. Well, maybe next week. Right now, I have the feeling I’m spreading myself too thin. So this is it for now, I’ll leave you with some cute birds. But I will be back next week for Tracy’s final Corvid challenge.

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14 Replies to “Two More Weeks of Magpies”

  1. I am so glad you were open to the challenge, Ana, and decided to join in. Thank you. Sorry for the lack of notice regarding its end. I think we are at a new phase of the pandemic now, so perhaps that calls for a different muse? Or so my other bird friends assure me. I look forward to your contribution next week. Gosh, I had better get organised too.

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    1. Don’t apologize, I know what you mean. The rhythm has changed during the recent weeks. Well, here at least, and it takes some readjustment. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you let me know about your challenge when you did, the timing was perfect. I managed to put together the photos for next week, now let’s see what happens to the text 😀


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