Frames – Choices (Sample Fragment 3)

He found her intriguing from the very beginning, but he didn’t expect this, he didn’t expect to find her irresistible… In fact, this is the kind of reaction he doesn’t expect to have in general, guarded and jaded as he is. Not that he’s refusing himself the joys of a profound relationship, he simply isn’t able to experience them… or so he thought. He’s met other interesting, intelligent, beautiful women, and yet… He only felt this sort of connection once before, equally unexpected, undeniable and strong. So why the fuck does it have to be this one? Why her, of all women? There is no logical explanation to be found, that much he knows, and what he does with these feelings is hardly his decision.


Frames by Ana Linden is now available on Amazon.

12 Replies to “Frames – Choices (Sample Fragment 3)”

  1. Ana, I finished reading your book and am in the midst of writing a review for it. Just curious though. In the excerpt you posted is begging the correct word? Or is just a misspell?
    I really enjoy the depth of your writing and your agile ability to get into the characters’ minds. ❤

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            1. Thank you, Carol! I’m so grateful for your kind words 🙂 ❤ I'm sorry I could only post my review of "Warning Signs" on my blog. It seems Amazon changed the rules, and since I purchased it on my "Ana Linden" account (pen name, using said account only occasionally), I haven't spent enough money over six months in order to be allowed to review.

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              1. I know what you mean, Ana. I was blocked from putting my review of Frames on Amazon has some strange rules. For example, I just made my e-book Warning Signs available in paperback but I am not able to get an author’s copy because I do not have an address. 🙂

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              2. I waited for over a month for my printed copy of Frames… Ok, different continent and all, but once they decided to ship it, it arrived in about a week. Some things could still be improved, I believe, while others have changed for the worst, like the review situation.

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