Wordless Wednesday #107

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        1. No worries, Y. Anyway I think I took advantage of a giveaway you had a while back. 😀
          But I’m glad I remembered now, I’ve been meaning to ask you all summer. I want to send you a gift copy of Frames, so do have the same email address attached to your kindle account or would you prefer to receive it on a different one?

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          1. Oh the best email is the one we used for our lady by the river book talk – do you still have that one? But don’t send me a free copy – I want to buy it and then leave a review that way !
            And regarding the Avian Friends book- it does have my faith embedded in the stories and I hope that is not a put off – I know it can be to some – bur it also has some universal encouragement — but out of the three books I published so far- that one is my MOST personal – And my fav is “lady by the river” of course! But “avian friends” is very dear – also – I have a book release coming and will share more about that soon – ttys

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            1. I enjoyed most of the poems and didn’t mind their spiritual component. I admit, there were some which didn’t go well with my atheist nature, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were a put off. Besides, I knew that would be the case when I started reading the book, so all was good (I generally mind religious stuff when I feel forced/tricked into reading it and/or it reeks of hypocrisy). So to put it briefly, it was a good experience and I think the time was right for reading it.
              I still have that email address, in case you change your mind.. And I’ll schedule a giveaway sometime this autumn, so perhaps that’s the best compromise version 😉

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