Colours of Autumn


September has come and gone. Tourists have finally packed their bags and returned home. We, locals, finally feel like we have our town and our space back. But even though it smells and feels a lot like autumn, the colours aren’t quite ready to change yet. In spite of all the years I lived here, by the sea, in spite of knowing better, I still crave autumnal shades every September.


Much like the people here, nature is also reluctant to let go of those mysterious hopes and promises of summertime fun by the sea, so leaves change colour later than in other parts of the country.


So while I nostalgically remember conker trees and colourful Septembers of my childhood, shades of green still overpower other colours outside my window. To be honest, I don’t dislike it that much…


Dead leaves start covering the pavement… in fact, they’ve started falling since August, yet somehow the trees are still full of green ones. A place of extremes, this one, a places that often has trouble finding a balanced middle way, because that’s simply boring, I remind myself once more… and even nature seems to agree with it, even if I no longer do.


So a couple of conkers in my pocket reminding myself of younger and more hopeful days, I decided to make the best of the warm and sunny final September weekend, secretly hoping for colours. But I wasn’t really disappointed to only discover the promise of colours yet to come. Much like the beautiful late September day and the relaxing hike, the nuances I found were a treat, a reminder to appreciate and protect nature’s bounty and seasonal changes.


Thank you, Amy, for providing us with a source of inspiration Colors of Autumn (Lens Artist Weekly Challenge). It’s been a while since the last time I participated and kept telling myself, “Next week”, as I read your interesting topics this summer, only to find myself lacking the necessary time to take part. But your posts and photos have been such a treat as I tried not to lose touch with the blogging world this year.

























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