Fall Shades #1


Summer used to be my favourite season. But I’ve been reconsidering it over the past years… or rather, my fondness for summer has decreased and as I more and more often find myself jumping from “sarcastic” straight to “grumpy” over those heat and tourism infused months, I realise I’m craving autumn’s tranquil vibes, no longer feeling a need for having a “favourite season”.

For a while, I’ve literally been counting the days to the end of summer this year. So I went in search of autumnal colours and scents this October, and nature eventually rewarded me with beautiful shades and tranquil, relaxing moments. Sadly, this season is also the one when covid-19 infection numbers are reaching new frightening peaks in my neck of the woods, so once again I find myself looking for moments of escape and peace of mind in nature, just like I did last year.

Many of you have shared beautiful autumn shots from various parts of the world and I loved this virtual trip. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my autumn images as well, even if seasonal colours may not be as impressive here as they are in other parts.


Have a beautiful autumn, everyone… and stay safe!

11 Replies to “Fall Shades #1”

  1. Hi Ana / I Agree that we do not need a favorite season – and for my hubs is it is the opposite as your change – he liked summer least until
    About three years ago.
    And for me – it changes / and depends on the year – so autumn 2015 / terrible but 2016 was magical !
    Summer 2005 – awesome – but summer 2007 -/ blah and a drain.
    And our colors here are not too vibrant – but glad you are having some color and lots of calm and joy 😉

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    1. I think I’ll adopt that “one year at a time” system too when it comes to good/bad seasons 😀 I’m trying to fight off a certain kind of grumpiness which has been creeping in when it comes to summer related feelings. 😉 Glad to hear your hubs is finding his summer joy though.
      As for my calm and joyful autumn… I guess it’s a matter of comparison really… once certain stress triggers go away, it becomes a lot easier to find some joy and appreciation in the mundane, even when it’s less than perfect or spectacular 😉
      Hope your autumn is going well, Yvette! ❤

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      1. You said that so well…
        “becomes a lot easier to find some joy and appreciation in the mundane, even when it’s less than perfect or spectacular 😉”
        And glad to connect this week.
        And my autumn is going actually pretty good! Had a big change – which I will share more later – and going to work on an audio version of lady by the river – the five year anniversary his next month (sorta because even tho we had some delays and a second edition November 30 is a special date for the book- ☀️

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        1. Oh… it’s been 5 years already…. Anyway, the audio book is a great idea and the timing feels right.
          I hope your big change is a positive one and even if I am curious, I’ll patiently wait until you’re ready to share. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your support and wonderful thoughts, Tracy. ❤ The covid situation has been quite messy here – to put it mildly – for about a month or so. Hopefully things will improve soon enough,,,

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