Interesting Old-Time Rural Architecture


Say “interesting architecture” and places like Paris, Barcelona or Rome will most likely come to mind. Well, that’s what first came to my mind, anyway… Then I thought I’d go another way and share some photos I’ve taken a few years ago at the Village Museum in Bucharest.


The houses have been rebuilt, restored and maintained in order to recreate images of rural history and lifestyle from various parts of Romania. I find them to be not only a fun way to discover a slice of local history, to learn more about old, traditional rural architecture, but also a very interesting lesson on how to make do with local resources, just with what nature has to offer. Of course, we’re talking about different times, but some of those old principles still apply. In some ways, our forefathers were wise in their modesty and sustainable architecture.


I remember watching my great-grandmother in awe every time I suddenly became aware of everything she and my great-grandfather had managed to literally build on their own. Their house, for instance – old, traditional, but not exactly small – they had built it with their own hands; most of the furniture, I was told, was also made by my great-grandfather in his youth. I can’t say it was very pretty, but it certainly was practical and sturdy. I doubt, however, that my great-grandmother would have known what having a manicure meant. She used to make fun of mine and my grandmother’s long polished nails, the way some men now make fun of other men who enjoy mani-pedis.


But more about my great-grandmother some other time. I will only add that one can still find houses like these in actual villages, but sadly they are often abandoned, in ruin. I’ll leave you to the photos now. It was a very bright sunny day, I was exhausted and I fully relied on my phone to take them, but hopefully they manage to tell a story – an Interesting Architecture story for Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge. Thank you for the interesting subject, Tina, and for urging us to pay attention to our surroundings!



















26 Replies to “Interesting Old-Time Rural Architecture”

  1. I never knew, this existed in Romania. Great post Ana I was born and brought up in a similar village in India and came to city for higher education and job like most others did. Progress is a necessary evil – Better opportunities are in cities and serenity in villages. I wonder if there is a solution for the problems of villages getting abandoned! What do you think?

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I wish I had an answer for you… Sadly, not many traditional houses are preserved in rural areas – the photos you saw were taken in a museum. People have neither the resources, nor the motivation to preserve them. So I doubt much can be done without the authorities getting involved and setting strict guidelines, as well as providing people living in rural areas with proper access to education and decent job opportunities.


  2. I got intrigued when I saw those huts, totally reminded me of the provincial traditional Nipa Huts in Asia, particular in my home country, Philippines. We call it “Bahay Kubo” or Nipa hut, mainly made of indigenous materials such as palm leaves, branches and bamboo trunks.
    See, we are often visited by storms and strong winds plus heavy monsoon rains but these huts stayed stable. I kinda missed seeing them and I am looking forward to see them once again.
    Lovely post Ana, and beautiful photography.

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