Same Old Story


Every picture tells a story… even the subjectively bad, uninteresting, cliché or generally “blah” ones. Every picture is a moment in time, a snippet of personal history, the relevance of which might only become clear later on. There’s also that hidden layer, one involving unknown people and who knows how many unknown experiences…


Then there are innumerable pictures from countless different places, taken at various moments, which manage to tell the exact same story. The story might be a sad one… one of ignorance and destruction, harbinger of an uncertain, frightful future. Somehow all these photos make it very clear that we, humans, are perfectly capable of loving or at least enjoying something while we are willing and able to knowingly destroy it with our carelessness, entitlement, greed and indifference. We will do so time and time again, literally waiting for others to clean up after us, to be responsible and fix everything, so that the individual “I” can go on behaving the same way, making no efforts, refusing to acknowledge a painful reality.


So by all means, let’s enjoy beautiful birds and hidden corners of nature suffocated by refuse before they stop existing altogether… and when we move on, let’s not forget to leave something behind, preferably our nicely colour coordinated rubbish bag. After all, how are others to know that we’ve been there?… And since we do go through all this trouble of getting out of our homes in order to relax and spend time outdoors, we might as well pick up that large piece of broken glass or whatever construction debris we have at hand, and dump it by the side of the road, under a shady tree. Now that’s a worthwhile trip!


I’m having a cynical moment (or day) – nothing to do with Ann-Christine’s inspiring Lens Artists challenge, One Image/One Story. Lots of you are nature/bird/animal lovers and I’m sure you know exactly what it feels like. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t even try to find that angle from which I can photograph a bird without including discarded plastic bottles etc in the picture… After all, this is the world we live in, the world we have created and are maintaining. So why bother hiding the truth, pretending the situation isn’t desperate?…


I’ll keep it short, even if not too sweet. Ann-Christine is right, a few photos say it all. I must apologize, however, for not following the rules – instead of several photos, one for each story, I went with several photos, all for the one story.

31 Replies to “Same Old Story”

  1. I read your post yesterday but am still thinking about it today so I will comment. Today on my dog walk I was looking at all the littler by the road, the bottles, the trash, and thought, oh yes, here too, in Tuscany, on the edge of a nature reserve, far from any city. I understand your sentiment. We have trained ourselves to look through all that crap and only focus on beauty. Unless there is more crap than anything else like in some parts of the world… All well to you and thanks for this.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Manja. It’s heartbreaking… and in spite of growing awareness, it’s only getting worse. Like you said, it’s mind-boggling when you see it far from any urban area, near or even in nature reserves.

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  2. Yes yes and yes. I’ll never, ever understand the mindset that allows people to discard their trash wherever and whenever they want. Thank you for providing such stark examples. That color-coordinated poop sack was horrific. 😦

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    1. I agree… I wasn’t aware we’re at the point where we colour coordinate when we litter… What must go on in a person’s mind to think, “Oh look, I like the colour of these wild flowers, I’ll dump my rubbish here after they’ve made my picnic so enjoyable”…

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    1. Thank you, Cindy! I just finished reading your post, great tips on blogging. I rarely comment (introvert and what not), but while I made peace with my hectic or inexistent blogging schedule, I find it difficult not to keep up with reading certain bloggers’ posts – I miss them. 🙂 So I think you summed it up quite nicely. ❤

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      1. You’re so welcome Ana. I’m so glad to know this and you add another point here which is that some of us are introverts and commenting is not our strong suit. I know what you mean and I’m happy to hear your thoughts so thank you so much!!!!
        I really appreciate you words. 💖💖💖

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  3. The same old story…yes. You are in the same mood as I am – most of the time. I know it so well, and I try to fight it every day. I try to find the good stories and the good people when I can, and be happy about it. Or I will lose my last trust in humanity. When I am at my worst, i hope we will disappear from the face of the Earth (seems like it too…), letting nature back in to rule sovereignly. I would be very happy that day.
    Thank you for joining in, Ana.

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    1. I know what you mean, trying to see and focus on the positive aspects is a must in order to preserve my sanity. Since I’m not exactly an optimist, this blog is part of my attempt to notice and enjoy the good, without denying my cynical side. Nevertheless, there are days when realism/pessimism take over and I think it’s important to acknowledge those moments as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ann-Christine. I can relate to everything…. ❤

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  4. Yes pictures tells a thousand words. Your photos have the power to move, at least it touches me.
    I simply dont understand as well why littering becomes an enormous habit, a very bad human nature habit.
    Thank you for sharing such a powerful insight.

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  5. Ana, your photos told a great story. If we don’t clean up our planet, care about how we treat nature, we are surely doomed. It’s sad, but some people just don’t care. I care and I hope others reading your post will also.

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  6. A powerful set of images Ana, to go with a sad and all-too-frequent story. I often wonder about those who simply drop trash wherever they feel like it – in a pristine meadow no less. Here more than most places it seems there is more respect for nature, perhaps because those who live or visit our island come specifically for that experience. But I’ve picked up some pieces of trash from our golf courses, perhaps left behind by those groups who come to play and never see the beauty around them. Happily they are very few. As for the world at large, sadly a different story as you’ve so perfectly shown.

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