20 Songs ‘Till Christmas


I wanted to do a December Christmas song countdown ever since I started blogging. Ideally I would have paired the songs with holiday related memories, thoughts and opinions. Perhaps I would have added photos to reflect the festive – and sometimes not so festive – mood as well… But there was never enough time and/or determination.

Well, my blogging friends, this is probably the closest I’ll ever come to accomplishing that. I’ve already shared about my love-hate relationship with the holidays, as well as the reasons behind and it and how I managed to make peace with Christmas… and with myself, regarding Christmas. Hopefully I’ll manage to share some interesting memories and thoughts this year as well, but much like when it comes to the holidays in general, I tell myself, “no pressure”… But most importantly, no over the top expectations, from myself or from others. So there will be songs, there will be photos (most of them from previous years), and occasionally there will be stories as well.

I’ll start with one which probably reflects what many of us have felt in December, at some point or another. Sure, this cynical atheist might love to celebrate Christmas (no need to point out the obvious paradox, thank you), to bake and decorate, to watch sappy holiday movies and listen to equally sappy holiday music… But that doesn’t mean I haven’t often struggled with everything else this festive season entails – exasperation, exhaustion, depression, frustration, disappointment, loneliness, anger… My personal remedy? To do December my own way, by my own rules, regardless of what’s expected of me.

Have a nice December, everyone! I hope you manage to enjoy it… and remember, there’s life after the holidays. But above all, be kind, stay safe and protect those around you!

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