15 Songs ‘Till Christmas and Secret Santa Horrors


Perhaps the secret to a good Santa is not only to know what to give, but also when to just give up and move on… So while I love Christmas and gift giving, I don’t really like this particular Christmas tradition. Luckily for me, I was in high school last time I had to put up with Secret Santa…

I don’t like giving gifts to or receiving them from people I don’t like. There, I said it! As a child, I’ve had mixed experiences with the dreaded Secret Santa gift exchanges – from offering the perfect present to the boy I had a crush on and then slow dancing with him at the school Christmas party in middle school (what was that if not a dream come true?) to having to give a present to the smelliest boy in the class and nearly getting slapped for it in high school.

As an adult, though, I don’t really see a point to this… it might work in some small circles of friends, but that’s it. I certainly don’t believe that this particular activity is the great team building exercise some make it out to be. I was discussing the matter with someone very close to me who has to put up with it this year, when he informs me that I had yet to hear the latest…

I don’t know how you used to play the Secret Santa game as children or perhaps even as adults, but I was familiar with the version where you didn’t know who was going to offer you a gift, but you knew who the recipient of yours was. Clearly that’s far too exciting for some. People are to prepare a generic present and then during lunch on the designated gift exchange day, names will be drawn and only then does each person find out who the recipient of their gift is. But by all means, personalize your gifts, the manager says, so they fit the recipient.

Ha???? Sorry, having a “blonde” moment here, perhaps you can help me understand how that works…

Anyway… “Fuck… I had to ask ‘why’…”, the unfortunate Secret Santa victim tells me. Not only did he ask why, but he also naively suggested they use the old-fashion name drawing approach.

“Well…”, Mr BossMan replies, “say I draw Miss So-And-So’s name” referring to a young attractive employee. “Naturally I want to have my way with her, and I would get her the kind of gift which makes it impossible for her to say no to me. What would her boyfriend say then?”

Ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas, ladies!…

Perhaps the real question is, what does a sane civilized person say to that… Perhaps the real concern should be, when are the likes of him going to be prevented from treating people this way… Sure, you can say it’s a one off and the “gentleman” has a twisted sense of humour… But when he is known for selecting, firing, promoting and harassing most female employees based on their looks and willingness to let him “have his way with them”, and his superiors turn a blind eye to it because he’s hard to replace and we happen to live in a EU country where sexual harassment is still regarded as a mood swing of frigid women, then the joke is reality.

The best thing about this particular work place and their Secret Santa tradition? Well, apparently not everybody has to participate. It’s only for team leaders and Mr BossMan manager. After all, he is a caring soul, and since the little people make little money, there’s no point in burdening them with unnecessary expenses, making them feel inadequate.

Well, if this didn’t put you in a festive mood, I don’t know what will…

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