Wordless Wednesday # 174


11 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday # 174”

    1. Brave move, Charlie, diving right in like that. 😉
      Two of my books do pass as “chick lit”, so I can guess which ones you chose. They’re not extremely sentimental, so I hope they make your experiment easier to bear. 😀

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      1. Glass Slippers and Stilettos and Parallel Lives. Looking forward them. Naw, doesn’t have to be sentimental, just broadening my horizons 😉
        But after I read Someday in Paris and really enjoyed it. I saw it was perfect for hopeless romantics 😂

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        1. By the way, Charlie, your book should come with a warning, I shouldn’t have started it now when I have no reading time… It’s one of those books I feel like reading in one go, so if I fail to get my beauty sleep, it’s on you 😉

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