Christmas… Quirkiness?


How are you, did you have a nice Christmas (in case that’s something you celebrate) or a nice December, in general? I certainly hope so…

How about your little corner of the world, is it festively decorated? All sparkly and lit, perhaps boasting a Christmas fair or two?

It’s certainly the case in my neck of the woods… Our town was in lockdown for the entire month of December last year, so there weren’t any Christmas lights or seasonal festivities and decorations. That made sense. This December however… isn’t making that much sense. As for common sense from our local authorities… well, that’s been MIA for so long now, why should it be any different this month? “Someone” clearly felt the need to make up for last year (in more ways than one), so Christmas was going to put on a show in our town this year, at any cost… And when I heard the obscene price they decided to pay for it… never mind, I’m doing my best not to get political.

I love a nicely decorated town on Christmas. In normal years, in December I tend to take a longer route home only to enjoy the lights; and even if I’m not a big fan of Christmas fairs, I might go and take a look, enjoy the atmosphere. And we could have had all that, at much lower a cost, the rest of the money being put to much better use…


Given the context, I didn’t feel the usual joy at the sight of brightly lit up streets and parks. I didn’t even bother to visit the Christmas fair. Not until Christmas day, that is, when I finally gave in and went for a walk in the area to take a look. Sure, all the booths were closed and I didn’t get to see it in all its disturbing glory in the early afternoon, but what a sight it was nevertheless… What else can one do but laugh, at that point? It’s either that, or pack up one’s bags and run far, far away…


Someone must have been severely traumatised by ballerinas in their childhood… what other explanation can there be? So, people, don’t force ballet shows on your children or they might grow up to decorate like this… And in case you were wondering, yes, the skirts do light up!


The hung ballerinas might have been the biggest head-turner/scratcher, but they were certainly not the only perplexing items. Frosty is clearly having a strange season…

Is it just me or is there something mean looking about Skating Frosty?


From the people who brought you hanging ballerinas, I give you… BDSM Frosty!


Runny Nose Frosty looks like the nicest of them all – which is probably why he’s having such a hard time. This Christmas fair is not the place to be nice!



Global warming is a real problem and we didn’t have any snow this winter. So he left his sleigh in the garage and high on his reindeer, Faceless Santa is somehow keeping an eye on everything. Well, at least he’s not headless… I suppose we’re saving that for next year.



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