2021 Moments

Welcome, 2022!

Well, it’s over…. When it started, 2021 was to be the solution to all of our problems – or at least that’s what many of us wanted to believe. When was the last time such great pressure was put on the one year? No idea…

I remember being on the phone with my step-mother before 2020 came to an end and we were sharing a less positive view on 2021 – it would get worse before it got better. Of course we were hoping for some miraculous improvement just as badly as everyone else, but we just couldn’t see how that was possible. Come the end of 2021, we weren’t able to envision too positive a year to come either. I strongly hope 2022 proves us wrong.

Much Needed Me-Days

I haven’t blogged much in the year that recently ended, most of my posts were just photos in seasonal series. But the post that received the most attention from my readers – testimony to the kind of year 2021 has been for so many of us – was Much Needed Me-Days. How many times did you feel like you were at your wits’ end over the past year? I was in that place on countless occasions, more often than usual, and I’m fairly sure I wasn’t alone feeling that way. That’s probably why this post resonated…

Same Old Story

Same Old Story was on second place. All the environmental issues and changes we’ve caused can no longer be denied and we’re starting to pay for our hubris. Many of us are concerned about what we, humans, have done and keep doing to the planet.

Interesting Old-Time Rural Architecture

Interesting Old-Time Rural Architecture came third (the photos were taken in 2019). Personally, I see a direct connection between this one and the first two. The more we become aware of the current situation – from multiple points of view – the more we look back, we retrace our steps and our mistakes and we also become aware that previous generations were quite wise in certain respects.

All these three posts, as well as 2020 Moments, which also made the top 10, were contributions to the Lens Artists challenges. For yet another year, the four of you have helped keep together this wonderful virtual community, you’ve provided inspiration and that final push many of us needed in order to persevere in our creative expression. Your time and efforts are appreciated! Also, a warm welcome to Sofia, Anne and John, the three new hosts joining you this year. Looking forward to your wonderful photos and thoughts! And thank you, Tina, for reminding us to take stock of the year from a creative point of view – Favourite Images of 2021 (Lens Artists Challenge).

Since writing is my primary creative outlet, with me it’s never only about the photos when I put together my contribution to a Lens Artists challenge. But the hosts, much like my readers, are patient and understanding, and for that I am thankful. As you can see from the photos that made my top 3 posts of the year, my images aren’t always the most compelling ones, they are meant to complete the story.

How did 2021 treat you? As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t one of my better years. I’m grateful for managing to stay in good health – both I and the ones I love – in such a challenging time and generally for managing to keep afloat when so many weren’t that fortunate. But other than that, it was mostly a non-year, as I fondly call it… a frustrating timespan which made me seek refuge in nature and my little creative endeavours whenever I could… So here are some of my favourite 2021 images, mostly because of the moments when they were taken.


29 Replies to “2021 Moments”

  1. the “non-year” is a good term for 2021 –
    and my year was “so-so” – like a Minus or almost three stars – if that makes sense –
    and I like the photos you shared at the end
    cheers to good things coming in 2022

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      1. same here – “wasn’t as bad as it could have been”- but I know so many folks who had it rough – and one of my long time friends here in my city – had their dog die on Christmas Day – talk abut BLAH

        anyhow, wishing you a wonderful year ahead

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  2. Ana, thank you for your post and your honesty. It may not surprise you to learn that I am in complete agreement. I was actually envious of how productive you were with your photography and grateful for the birds, animals and plants that helped you get through the year.
    I am fairly pessimistic (realistic?) about 2022. Whatever happens, it won’t be boring. Take care, Ana.

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    1. Oh, I’m sure it won’t be boring. Let’s hope it’s not all bad…
      I don’t know about photos, but I think you managed to write more – I loved that you kept your song series going, together with all the interesting insights. ❤ Posting words to go with the photos on a weekly basis was too much for me 😀 .

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        1. Sometimes gloomy and realistic are the same thing 😉 I hope to write more as well, but I’m putting no pressure on myself, because if things actually do go my way, I won’t have much time left to myself. On the other hand, if they don’t, that means more writing/blogging/photographing time. 😀

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  3. Ana, I so loved your post this week and sincerely appreciate your comments about our challenge. I am in full agreement with your assessment of 2021 and also hopeful that 2022 is better although I don’t see it happening in the early weeks or months. But there is time for improvements and reason to be optimistic until proven wrong! We hope to see more of you this year but join us whenever the spirit moves you – well be here 😊. Here’s to a happy healthy 2022 for us all.

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    1. I meant every word, Tina. I would have loved to contribute more – it wasn’t a matter of not finding the challenge interesting or motivating enough, but simply a lack of time (so many posts have been fully put together in my mind, but I didn’t have the time and energy to actually write them). Hopefully I’ll figure out how to do better this year.
      I also have quite a few hopes for 2022 – both on a personal and a general level – but to be honest, I’d be happy even with this year not turning out worse than the previous one. As you said, a happy healthy year to all of us!

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    1. 2021 wasn’t great for many, was it?… I still have mixed feelings about 2022. But it’s here, nothing to be done about it… and time flies, whether I like it or not, so I should probably just go with it. 😉


  4. Great post, Ana and fab photos. 2021 was certainly a none year. In fact I seem to have lost a year and keep confusing it with 2019. But then I was talking to someone at a race the other day and he appeared to be the same. He thought he’d run different race in 2021 but in fact he was talking about 2019?? Strange times, take care.

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    1. Strange times indeed… I’m very familiar with that “lost year” feeling – for me, that was 2021. In spite of all it’s nastiness, 2020 did bring some significant positive changes for me.
      Take care and stay safe, Charlie.

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