Fallen Beauty or What A Difference A Week Makes


A week used to feel like “forever”, “forever” ago… As a child or teenager, having to be away from my friends for a week or so seemed like a terribly long separation, the end of which was nowhere in sight. A week apart from an adolescent love felt like cruel and unusual punishment, something that might very well be the end of the world. On the other hand, a one week vacation or trip with my friends and/or boyfriend was heaven, the kind of thing that could keep me going for months before and after.

A week could radically and irreparably alter one’s existence and anyone saying it was nothing, it would go by in an instant, was a fool. I was sure of it.


Now… a week is nothing. It goes by in an instant. I can put up with many uncomfortable situations for a week – that’s just life. I can go by without seeing someone I love for much longer than a week. In fact, after doing long distance for a few years and getting used to it, a week apart can be a much needed break (shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that). And when it comes to time off, a week flies by unnoticed and even if it’s better than nothing, it’s far from enough.

Then… the world becomes what it is today… pandemic… war nearby… and a week suddenly becomes very relevant again. Of course a person’s life can turn upside down in an instant, not to mention a week, but at this point it’s once more painfully clear what a difference a week makes.


I was so pleased to see this old tree about to bloom a couple of weeks ago. There was something uplifting about it. Spring and nature had once again provided a reprieve from the maddening everyday life.


A week and a windstorm later, the sight was less uplifting. The blossom was gorgeous. And the tree was dead.



Several obvious analogies came to mind while photographing the old tree one last time, generally about how deceiving and unreliable appearances can be. “Rotten to the core” kept popping into my mind, probably because of the week’s events and personal experiences.



Now, however, going through these photos… all I can think is, what a difference a week makes…


Have a good weekend, everybody, as good as it can be under the circumstances… Make the best of it! Who knows what windstorm is lurking around the corner…

11 Replies to “Fallen Beauty or What A Difference A Week Makes”

  1. I had a friend once, who got a case of amnesia. I sent her a picture of a tree like this, and asked her to paint the flowers for me. For a time, she gave me progress updates on the painting. We talked a lot. I was the only person she remembered…
    Eventually, her memory came back. Somewhere in that mix, she forgot me. However, before we parted and went our separate ways, she sent me a painting, one of the flowers from that tree. I still have it, hanging on my wall.
    I am sorry you lost your tree. I am also sorry I lost my painter. I don’t know what else to say, other than “Happy T.G.I.F.” (That always seems appropriate, this time of a week.)

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    1. What a situation… I’m sorry you lost your painter, there must have been a special connection for a while. A simple image can trigger so many feelings and sensations, I find it amazing.
      Thank you for sharing about your friend.

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  2. Oh! Our (only) olive tree was rotten too. Amore leaned against it and it cracked. A young branch is growing nearby. Will it make it and become a tree? Your photos are bitter sweet, like most everything in this world today.

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