Author ANA LINDEN: PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW August 2022 — priorhouse blog

Yvette Prior from is not only an old blogging friend, but also a beautiful writer. So when she asked me to be part of her interview series this year, I jumped at the chance, of course. If you have a moment or two, stop by and have a read – she’s wonderful at getting people to open up.

Hello Readers, The August 2022 Priorhouse Interview is featuring my long-time friend, Ana Linden (here). Ana is a photographer, author, translator, nature lover, and blogger. Well that is my description of her – let’s move into the interview to see what she has to say.  PRIORHOUSE: Can you tell us about Ana Linden? ANA: Every time […]

Author ANA LINDEN: PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW August 2022 — priorhouse blog

7 Replies to “Author ANA LINDEN: PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW August 2022 — priorhouse blog”

  1. I enjoyed reading about you, Ana, in Yvette’s interview. Couldn’t like Yvette’s post though because of the WP glitch. I was not surprised by any of your responses which fit with everything I have learnt about you on your blog. I am going to take courage from you and admit that I too am a Dirty Dancing fan. 😉 I must pull out that DVD and watch it while my family are at work.

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    1. As far as guilty pleasures go, Dirty Dancing is a harmless one, I think. Happy viewing before the boys get back home. 😉
      I’ll be back on your blog with a few words on your injured pigeon post (I read it yesterday, but I postponed commenting, as I usually do…).
      I’ve come across that WP glitch too on several occasions, I don’t know what causes it… Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

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