Autumn Roses


Somehow, I almost missed photographing this year’s roses. Sure, I took a few photos with my phone over the summer when enjoying some relaxing walks in the park. But nothing with my camera… Whenever I had it with me, I was either set on shooting something else and didn’t have enough time or it was just too windy to bother with the roses.


Not this autumn, though… I caught the year’s last roses during two separate photo walks. The season has left some interesting marks on their leaves and petals, but I still think they look amazing. Well, I do love roses in general, so I might be biased…


I know it’s the season of colourful leaves, but since the most spectacular colours are still a week or two away in my area, I thought I’d offer you some autumn roses. And as these autumn days are getting shorter and gloomier for a myriad or reason, as the future seems bleak to many of us and we might feel tempted to give in to depression, I hope they bring you a bit joy.


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