Spring Wonders


I have never seen such an abundance of snowdrops with my own eyes. To me, that’s the stuff of fairy tales, the way I imagined the woods to be, before I could see any of them in real life, when my grandfather read to me about princesses and their strange adventures. And what are these early days of spring, if not magical? You turn your head and everything blossoms in that instant you weren’t paying attention. In the blink of an eye, nature comes back to life, wild, unpredictable and astonishing. And if we’re really lucky, it can bring us back to life too, pulling us out of our jaded ways.


No matter what angle I tried, my skills weren’t up to the task; that flowery spectacle mesmerized me, but I failed to do it justice when capturing it. None of my photos truly reflect its charming beauty. Nevertheless, I’ll share some of my attempts with you, along with a series of various spring moments, hoping to bring you some joy. Have a beautiful spring, everyone!





9 Replies to “Spring Wonders”

    1. How nice that you have them in your garden, Anita. 🙂 They’re generally considered the harbinger of spring around here. They start blooming in February, but I think these ones were late this year.


  1. I can relate to feeling like I didn’t capture the beauty or capturing what I felt
    But I think you did capture more magical beauty than you realized
    And agree that this aaportance of spring “can bring us back to life too”

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  2. Very nice. I can imagine the wonder you are experiencing. I have had several moments that were pretty amazing to me, but I could not capture properly with a photo. Perhaps you should paint the snowdrops?

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