I always enjoyed reading and I would occasionally feel the need to be on the other side of the page, so to say, be the one doing the writing. But this has mainly been a personal, therapeutic activity. I deviated from this pastime for a while, when literature and foreign languages became something I chose to study, rather than just indulge in whenever I had the time. A couple of years after graduating from University I eventually started writing for fun again – I grew exhausted by the excessively practical application of what I had learnt, so I found my way back to the old, impractical, creative outlet. 
Parallel Lives was the result of a promise to myself, it was never meant to pay the bills or be a literary masterpiece; I just needed to prove myself I could write it and eventually share it with whoever might be interested in reading it. This lead to the blog, which was initially meant to showcase the book, but it didn’t take long for me to discover how many beautiful, gifted and supportive people there were in the WordPress community. So my posts often stray from the typical presentation of sample fragments and I end up focusing on more personal aspects.
Thank you for stopping by and putting up with me. 🙂