Everybody Jump (Part 3)

Part 1

Part 2 – I Think I Wore This Before

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Yes, I definitely needed this, I realized as soon as I got over that slight annoyance of the security check. I love dancing. I always have, even if as a child my mother repeatedly told me I had no sense of rhythm. But once I overcame that childish insecurity, I simply couldn’t care less. I would never be a professional dancer, certainly no prima ballerina as my mother would have liked, but I reasoned my dancing skills were good enough for an average person. Besides, it was so much fun, empowering even. Now I would also say it’s a great workout, especially for someone like me, who hates working out.

I must have been 10 or 11 the first time I entered a club, and it was with my mother and her friends. Continue reading “Everybody Jump (Part 3)”

Just Dance

No story to go with this one… No trip down memory lane… I’m taking this challenge literally. 🙂 Just dance!


Dancing lights, dancing souls…


Dancers and audience become one. Feel the rhythm 🙂

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One can dance to one’s own beat. Just dance like no one’s watching 😉


Dance like there’s not tomorrow!


In response to the Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance.