Spring Wonders #50


Spring is slowly but surely threatening to dissipate into summer, whether I like it or not… So perhaps it’s time to wrap up this seasonal photo series as well.


Has this spring brought you joy and peace or has it perhaps been too fraught for your taste? Did you manage to take in the beauty of nature’s revival or have life’s changes proven – perhaps once again – overwhelming? In my case, it has probably been all of the above. Joy and sorrow, nostalgia and awareness, peace and restlessness, present and past, joy and sorrow, change and consistency… But when is it not?


Before I get maudlin, a big thank you to all of you who have kept me company and found the time to glance at these spring images. Your presence and input are deeply appreciated. I hope the rest of the season is kind to you and you manage to make the best of it.


Spring Wonders #17


It’s time for some spring home improvement, say my neighbours, the Magpies. Although if they keep expanding like this, the tree might soon not be able to support that mansion of theirs. 🙂 No wonder the Crows are eyeing it, trying to chase away the Magpies and keep that beauty for themselves.