Someone’s Birthday

A few weeks ago, I jokingly threatened someone to reveal their age in a birthday post. It’s generally assumed that women are the vane and sensitive ones when it comes to this delicate subject, but from what I’ve noticed, men are equally touchy. One enjoys one’s birthday to be acknowledged and celebrated, but one hopes one’s age be forgotten. So don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me 😉 .

There’s a very special gentleman out there – one very important to me – who’s one year older today, yet just as young at heart as he was the day we met. To him I’d like to wish a very happy birthday! May all your hopes and dreams come true! And don’t forget, the best men are like fine wine – they get better with age 😉 .

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  1. Hi Ana – happy bday to your friend – it is my old friend K’s bday on the 23rd – and I always think of her – even tho I forget so many other bdays.

    that queen song reminded me of that band’s genius – and originality – whew

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    1. Thanks, Yvette 🙂 . Happy birthday to your friend too! I just retrieved all your comments from the spam folder, I have no idea why it keeps randomly doing this…
      I think you’re right about Queen and their music – in this case, I chose the song because birthday guy likes it, but I happen to agree 😉 .

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      1. oh well b-day guy will be smiling then….
        and sniff – I think a lot of my comments are going to spam and it is cramping my style….
        but oh well – i guess it is what it is….

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