First… Last… Last First


One thing I try to do on the last day of the year, especially if I don’t leave town for the New Year’s celebration, is to get out of the house and clear my head. A walk in the park or on the beach or even a short drive out of town to disconnect can work wonders – I love the holidays, but they can be exhausting. That’s why I try to have a very short to-do list for the 31st. Once those few things are taken care of, I can relax and enjoy the day. Continue reading “First… Last… Last First”

Autumn Roses #35


It may not feel like it, but autumn is drawing to an end. If not the weather, at least all the Christmas decorations popping up on our streets as well as in our stores are an obvious reminder. As for the roses… they’re still here, clearly determined to hold on and infuse some joy in these otherwise dreary end of autumn days. I don’t think they’ll give up before the first frost. I hope you’ve enjoyed the colours, textures and their tranquil beauty.





A warm thank you to all of you, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to view the roses and share your thoughts. I hope you had a nice autumn. 







Don’t forget to be kind and stay safe, everyone!

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