1 Song ‘Till Christmas


Well, my blogging friends, have you been nice this year or perhaps more on the naughty side? Not much time left to make up for our transgressions… or is there? Personally, I believe the most we can ask for is to have someone to accept, respect and love us for who we are, warts and all… someone who doesn’t give up on us even when we’re at our lowest, someone who endeavours to point us in the right direction when we’re wrong and has the patience to let us get there on our own… someone for whom we can do the same. I hope you have such a person… I hope you are such a person for somebody… because if that’s the case, then yes, there’s still time – not everything revolves around a holiday (season) and there’s more to Christmas than unrealistic expectations, countless presents and excess of all sorts. So in case you celebrate Christmas, may you have a happy one, filled with joy, love and appreciation!

Be kind and stay safe!

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  1. I know I should be working instead of blog hopping, on a Wednesday, but here I am, and how fascinating to see your Christmas countdown of three, two, none… Oh, my! It appears your top selection has gone by the wayside…

    You know, I am the last one to talk about unfinished business. I all but missed this past Christmas, what with it being the first Christmas without my Dad, and Covid-caused confusion, and we could not manage to get the families together on a given day, and a bevy of other excuses…

    I did a deep dive into 1960’s Pop Music, in November, and it kept on through December. Years past, I have played Christmas songs day and night, but in 2021, I only managed to play two of them. “Lo, How a Rose E’er Is Blooming” by The Johnny Mann Singers and “We Need a Little Christmas” by The New Christy Minstrels. As for my favorite Christmas song, I never brought it out.

    So, here is what I am going to do. I am going to play my best song, and write a little rhyme, for someone who brought it all back to me, in the middle of February. As my song closes, Daryl Pediford declares,
    “Beside this window I will wait,
    For inside this night,
    I know it’s not too late.”

    Only One To Go (Riff for Ana Linden)

    I did a sixties dive, about face;
    along the way, I lost my place,
    In lieu of seasonal combo;
    two tunes down, only one to go.

    Missing is The Christmas Attic,
    replaced by white noise and static;
    Ana’s is a secret, you know,
    a stall in her music chart flow.

    Bundt pan brownies double battered;
    Christmas apron, worn and tattered;
    Famed recipe from years ago,
    Two songs played, only one to go.

    Threshold on hold, with countdown chase,
    Two strains tallied, with one to go.

    Michael Todd (2022)

    FYI : This is my favorite Christmas song.

    Music Box Blues – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    What was yours?

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    1. That was the plan, a song countdown that would end on Christmas Eve, then a simple “Merry Christmas” wish on Christmas day 🙂 But I see how that might seem strange. I don’t really have a favourite Christmas song, they’ve changed over the years, so now I just let them transport me back to a variety of moments and experiences. I’m glad you enjoyed the songs and that they’ve inspired you – thank you for sharing!
      Holidays in Covid times are hard enough… but add to that the loss of someone close… I have no words…

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