Here I am, once more… I mentioned working on a new book, as some of you might recall, but I didn’t dwell on it. Well, in spite of various changes and challenges, I can now relax and enjoy, because I managed to stick with the schedule and it’s finally ready!

In case you noticed that countdown on my site and wondered about it, that’s what it’s about. Frames, my new book, is already available for pre-orders on Amazon and it will be published on May 15th. That’s also when the printed version will become available (click on the image).

Maudlin as it may sound, before I go on and tell you what the book is all about, I’d like to thank you for your support and encouraging words over the years, ever since I’ve started this blog. As many of you know from your own writing experience, this sort of warm, inspiring and supportive blogging community means a lot to an indie author.

I know it’s customary to do a cover reveal first, to create all sorts of buzz about the book, building suspense before the big publishing day. All’s well and good in theory, but promoting the book – relevant as that may be – is the part of self-publishing I loathe. So there I go again, revealing everything at once.

I’ve put together four stories this time, not exactly short ones, but no novellas either. Hopefully the common denominators will become clear as you read them, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. All I can say is, once they took shape in my mind, I couldn’t separate these stories.

What does one do when life comes to a hopeless standstill and the desired fresh start is not what it seems? Four enthralling, emotional short stories capture diverse characters who are stuck, desperately searching either for a new beginning or for an end to their misery. Opportunity presents itself under the unexpected guise of theft, murder and suicide intertwined with love, friendship and generosity. In need of purpose, as well as affection and passion, they are torn between their conflicting desires and moral values, often finding solace and support in unexpected, shocking situations and people. Can an assassin love? Is one’s death someone else’s fortune? Should outcasts dare to dream of a better future and should the past be put behind? These are merely a few of the questions tormenting them, pushing them to honestly acknowledge and assess their needs and their existence.

I’ll stop here, in an attempt to keep it short and sweet. I’ll explain my choice of title and I’ll share excerpts from each story over the following days. Hopefully, you’ll find them enjoyable.

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  1. Congrats on getting g to this point – you ha r so
    Much originality inside of you and so it makes sense to hear that the four stories could
    Not be separated – I am
    Looking forward to this book and god timing Ana- the pandemic is a good time to have one of my favorite authors come out with something new!

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    1. Thank you, Yvette! ❤ Trite as it may sound, this means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy it.
      As you can imagine, the initial plan was made when a pandemic was the stuff of dystopian novels/shows or history books… Anyway, I'm glad I managed to stick to the schedule, even if focusing wasn't always easy. How's everything over there, are all of you OK? How's your WIP?

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      1. Funny you should mention the time when this pandemic stuff was that of fiction – because on my shelf is a Patricia Cornwall book – my step daughter bought it for the hubs years ago – and it is something about a pandemic or spearing pathogen. I am not into reading it – but funny you should mention it.
        things here are pretty good – except my WIPs – not so good.
        A bit Stalled on all four projects I have in the works.
        oh minga yinga..
        but that is okay – because I know stalls and pauses can sometimes feed the soil (so to speak)

        and I will be sure to get to your book very soon – promise – and glad we have each other as support systems with our creative projects

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        1. I’m glad things are good 🙂 And I’m sure your WIPs will find a better rythm once this percolatng interlude is no longer necessary.
          No rush as far as “Frames” is concerned, when you have the time and it feels like the right read for you. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I am so very happy for you, Ana. I too loathe the part regarding pre-publishing buzz. I understand. I am looking forward to reading your upcoming excerpts and wish you much luck. ❤

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