Albatross – The Big Day

Releasing a new book is always an exciting event, especially for the author. Well, it is such a day for me… After the initial moment of panic, also known as the “Oh no – it’s out there, for anyone to read” instant, I remember how important breathing actually is and I move on to a sort of “proud momma” sensation. Yes, I am happy this is happening and I’m happy it’s happening now, it feels right.

Dear friends, thank you for your support and all your encouraging words regarding my writing. So many of you shared inspiring stories about your experience in this field and although I am not usually very verbal (yes, I often lurk in the shadows) they haven’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I think we all know how such stories sometimes speak to us, especially in those moments when we consider giving up on our writing, or at least on sharing it with the world. Truth be told, I was rather reluctant about sharing my Albatross stories at first, as I tend to be about sharing most of my writing these days.

Nevertheless, some stories need to be not only written, but also shared. For a change, I’m not going to tell you what these stories are about, I’m only going to mention a few things you shouldn’t expect from this book. There is no sweet, perfect, everlasting romance, which sweeps all the ugly sides of relationships under the rug. Don’t expect any clear delimitation between good and bad, beauty and horror, in a world of relative values. Don’t expect extraordinary individuals, always able to make the world a better place, when they can hardly save themselves. This world is not one of untainted, selfless, righteous spiritual leaders either, just as it is not one devoid of violence, crime, pain or punishment. Yet it’s also not a world where love, affection and generosity cannot flourish – it simply happens in less expected or usually acceptable ways and contexts. There are no lengthy, clear portraits of any of the nameless characters. Much as one would often like to reject this idea, so many real individuals find themselves in these fictitious people’s shoes on a daily basis. Such is life…

All that being said, I hope you find Albatross interesting and intriguing, should you choose to read it.

Albatross is now available on:

and also on iBooks.

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  1. May your book be widely read proud mom. You breathed it into existence. I was under the impression a stork brings new babies, but that’s so yesterday. Now the stork brings them😊

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